One of the largest business travel management companies in India , despite a robust self booking portal was providing travel products and services to its clients through implant offices at client location & contact centres.

Problem Statement

For International travel, clients were not adapting the self booking portal and multiple clients were using private fares with booking class based cancellation waivers. Hence the cancellations and refunds had to be done offline. This resulted in a major backlog in issuance of credit notes to clients who in turn withheld payments due to delay in reconciliation of their offline requests for cancellations and refunds with client accounts. Therefore customer was experiencing a cash crunch and had to deal with difficult conversations with its key clients thereby impacting cash flow and service levels. The customer needed expertise to devise a process that would minimize the turnaround time in processing the due credit notes to clients in a timely manner.

Our Solution

We immediately deployed a dedicated team with deep domain expertise in the refund process to manage the cancellation queries received and captured in the customers mid office system.

  • Prioritized the pending cases by client name from the data dump received

  • Checked the frequent flyer status and airline remarks on each cancelled PNR to Identify cases which qualify for airline waivers

  • Audited the ticket and related fare filing to claim the refund of unused ticket


We enabled the customer to improve its cash flow by

  • Eliminating the backlogs completely in record 10 working days & facilitating timely issuance of credit notes

  • Facilitating a timely reconciliation with client accounts

  • Achieving a TAT of as low as 12 minutes on demand

Our intervention created a strong top-line business impact and enabled the customer to stay competitive and in a financially stable state.

Our Value Proposition

Travel Metrics is committed to providing low cost & efficient business process management solutions and maximizing cash inflows for the travel related industry. We are partnering some of the leading travel management companies – both online & offline – across 12 countries globally. Whatever be the challenge, Travel Metrics has solutions that can create opportunities in any scenario.