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Mission Statement

To be a partner of choice and to maximize cash inflows for the travel related companies around the world through efficient solutions and extra ordinary services.

A Note from the Founder

Travel Metrics is my tribute to the Travel Industry where I have been born and brought up. Having a career that spanned across various functional domains in the travel distribution landscape of India in senior leadership positions, I had the opportunity to actively participate in two events which changed the way travel management companies in India “managed” their businesses. The first was upfront payment of incentives on published fare tickets and the second was the launch of electronic tickets, both of which made a lasting impact on the travel industry by creating a paradigm shift in the airline-agent relationship.

Although there have been disruptions in the industry like zero commissions, steep revenue targets coupled with reduced incentives which have driven the industry towards consolidation, I believe the disruptions can be dealt with by adapting to the new environment using smart and industry-targeted techniques. With the advent of technological innovations like artificial intelligence, mobile e-commerce, app-based learning, and much more, a whole new generation of well-informed travellers has also emerged. Consequently, I believe that travel agents have a lot on their plates and must have a firm grasp on costs in order to stay profitable and relevant. Travel Metrics is that helping hand for travel agents, that takes costs out of the system, maximizes cash inflows by tapping all sources of potential income, and helps in controlling operational leakages in revenue.

We, at Travel Metrics, make every paisa count, as can be seen from our last year’s figures. We tracked over 25 million tickets from our clientele that is spread across 12 countries, and our team delivered almost 7 million USD in savings!

We are the industry leaders in unused airline ticket tracking, for both Low-Cost and Full-Service airlines. We believe in handholding the process till the credits are received by our clients rather than providing them with raw data dumps. Our state-of-the-art custom-built automation tools take care of the variety of managed services offered by us.

I always look forward to a good discussion, understand needs and give our clients smart solutions to the best of our ability.

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Seema Luthra

[email protected] | +91 98106 71588

The Team
VM Kumar, Chief Executive Officer

VM Kumar, Chief Executive Officer has over 25 years of experience in airline sales and travel agency management. Kumar is a tall figure with deep knowledge of the nuances of the travel trade. You will enjoy quick witted reassuring conversations and guaranteed delivery of promises.


Nitin Verma, Director of Operations is a work horse with immense capability, rich GDS experience and a gentle goodness. He is a meticulous planner and problem solver who can patiently resolve any issue you bring to him.


Avesh Sharma, a natural leader, manages a team of young and dynamic subject matter experts. With nearly 15 years of hands on experience in travel agency processes and an impeccable career record as a Senior Manager, he enjoys the confidence of the team and the customers alike

MOHD. SHABUDDIN, Head - MIS & Quality Control

Mohd. Shabuddin manages the critical task of quality control and MIS. His clear insights on data never fail to surprise, his tireless efforts to keep the wheels moving with intelligent analysis and his mentoring skills have made him a natural choice for the role he plays in the company