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Customer Support Services

Customers nowadays are stringent about the time and efforts they devote to any task or interaction through any medium. Keeping them satisfied has become especially challenging for Travel Management Companies.

One way to keep them on-board with you is flawless operational functioning, which can be attained by our highly intuitive domain expertise. We always approach our work from a customer’s perspective, and streamline our automated processes based on that.

We also make innovative and original ideas work for you by consistently updating ourselves with new developments in the industry. Implementing best industry practices with proven frameworks and methods empowers our clients to optimize their operations and revenue, enabling profits, client retention, and customer satisfaction!

Queue Monitor

Queues are customized work areas which can be designed to perform critical tasks in a travel agency. Through our business process automation of Queue Monitoring, we can simplify complex repetitive tasks to create greater efficiencies.

We can also facilitate swift responses to unexpected changes that might arise in the itinerary of passengers.

PNR Capture

Passenger Name Record contains comprehensive travel related information which needs to be recorded for analytics, quality control, and compliances. We can capture the information in a convenient and efficient manner in easily readable formats.

We also provide customized reports that present valuable insights on the booking patterns as well as the efficacy of internal processes through our PNR Capture process.

PNR Alerts

Travel is extremely vulnerable to change of any kind – technical, operational, political and even environmental including bad weather conditions. As professional travel managers, our clients need to be agile and nimble footed to recognize the changes and respond with immediate solutions.

Our automated solution identifies changes reported by various travel suppliers and sends email alerts to assigned staff handling the affected bookings.

Daily Activity Tracker

Whether it is legacy or state of the art, online or offline, travel management companies need to manage multiple booking channels and that is accompanied by a slight degree of worry and sense of anxiety. Have we got it all together? Yes! We can consolidate transactions and create valuable MIS of Daily Activity Reports which record the PNR level transactions, secure the billable transactions, and monitor productivity per employee.

Fare Filing

In a hyper competitive travel industry, access to the right content, on demand, is the key to winning and retaining customers. Airlines file private fares for travel agencies and these are accessible to selected users. How do you ensure your fares are filed correctly and are always available? Take our assistance to convert paper contracts into accurate fare displays to ensure best utilization and correct application of filed fares.

Low Fare Search

We offer a smart tool that tracks any drop in air fares post ticketing and sends email alerts to assigned staff for timely action. It’s a completely administered tool that performs low fare search in which you can customize the parameters, manage thresholds, and triggers to send alerts on lowest seat availability and alternate flight availability thereby bringing net savings for our clients and their customers.

Centralized Ticketing Desk

Gone are the days of multiple IATA locations and administrative nightmares. Leveraging technology, you can take your business to a single virtual location and have all the time-consuming tasks of issuance, reissuance, refunds etc managed centrally. We can perform this activity at our centralized ticketing desk made to cater to these exact requirements while our clients focus on winning customer loyalty and new business.

Tour Code Compliance

One small mistake and a travel agent can lose a profitable transaction. We can monitor the ticket issuance each day to ensure that all the applicable tour code compliances are strictly adhered in order to bring our clients the best advantages of private fare contracts and ensure that they don’t miss a good deal.

Unused Ticket Tracking

This might be the most cumbersome of all tasks in a travel agency, and the one which creates the best value for money. Less than 2% of all airline tickets issued remain unused and this varies from country to country. But 100% of all tickets need to be closely monitored to find this tiny %. Unused ticket tracking is a tedious task which is made complex by multiple booking platforms and different levels of participation by each airline.

We take the pain out of the process by tracking every single ticket day after day till the date of its expiry and generate GDS agnostic customized reports for taking timely decisions.

Refund Processing

Nothing impacts a travel agency’s payment collections more than delayed processing of cancellations and delayed customer credits. Our team can facilitate speedy SLA based clearance of refund processing requests to ensure that credits are received from the airlines on an immediate basis. This ensures speedy recovery, more effective credit control, and better cash flows for all stakeholders.

Agency Memo Management

Agency Memos are adjustments made by airlines and posted for settlement with travel agency accounts. Most Airlines outsource this activity to third parties, which makes them prone to errors of judgement. Often, an authorized refund application or a credit memo raised by an airline can be authorized with an incorrect amount due to misinterpretation of fare rules or human errors. Debits raised by an airline need to be analysed and often disputed well in time for good redressal. We are well versed with the nuances of agency memo management and identify all the potential errors to reclaim the correct amount for our clients.

BSP Reconciliation

We can track all billable transactions on the GDS at a sign on level for streamlined BSP reconciliation, to ensure the transactions are properly captured in the BSP statements and correctly billed to customers through client’s back office accounting systems.

GST Reconciliation

In India, GST input credits on airline tickets are demanded by all eligible customers, which has significantly increased the workload of travel agents. We help in identifying missed GST numbers in the PNR & ticket, using our automation tool thereby making the GST reconciliation process hassle-free.

Unused Ticket Refunds

We offer a dedicated 24/7 support and service facility to reclaim unused fare and unused taxes from air tickets of both full service and low-cost carriers. Last year, we tracked over 25 million tickets to claim close to USD 7 million in a geography spread across 12 countries and have mastered the process over the years, much to the delight of our esteemed clients. We offer our unused ticket refunds service at zero cost and work on a success fee pricing model which is a win-win for all stakeholders.

Air Revenue Tracking

Our air revenue tracking tools can identify flown flight coupons to assess the prorated revenue of the tickets sold by our clients. This is a great way to monitor progress of airline revenue target achievement and facilitate course correction in order to ensure that the productivity linked bonuses are always within reach.

Hotel Commission Tracking

We offer an efficient solution in the collection, management, reconciliation, and reporting of commissionable hotel and car bookings in partnership with CTS systems. Our solution for hotel commission tracking brings an additional source of revenue for the travel agents in the shortest possible time. For a competitive fee, we claim commissions on all commissionable hotel and car bookings made by our clients within days of maturing and actively facilitate data gathering from the GDS.

VAT Refund claims

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax levied on goods and services in many countries around the world. The national tax systems of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia among others allow for a refund of VAT to most non-resident business entities worldwide. We can facilitate this process for a competitive fee.

Passenger Compensation

Many countries, including India, have mandated that airlines pay passenger compensation in the event of flight delays, flight cancellations, and denied boarding under specific guidelines. We simplify the process by using our deep domain expertise in airline fares and passenger rights to facilitate such claims for compensation made by inconvenienced airline passengers.

Sign on Audit

Most travel agents use multiple GDS and the level of access given to perform high cash value transactions can be a cause of worry. Fraudulent activity and revenue leakages are a real possibility if there is no control on access creation and monitoring of sign on activity. We can facilitate a sign on audit to assure that signons are assigned on need basis and closely monitored with regular silent audits.

Policy Compliance

With the advent of multiple booking channels and self-booking tools, there is high risk that emulation rights to core booking systems may be carelessly distributed. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand your business requirements and open access to multiple sources selectively. Additionally, you must align system access with your business objectives and audit requirements. We can assist you in ensuring that your activities on ground and policy compliance are in complete sync.